A big hi from the theBillingBridge team. Get to know about the dream and team behind theBillingBridge.

Our History

Well, here is the story behind theBillingBridge and why we conceptualized the app!

theBillingBridge is born

theBillingBridge is born over several rounds of R&D, heated discussions and coffee

Can I have one?

Our clients wish they had a reporting app that is easily accessible and works in real-time

Keeping pace

There is a huge need for a revenue analysis and reporting app to keep pace with the changes

The big change

Obamacare comes into effect and the slant is on automation and data analytics

The first step

Our medical billing and revenue management firm was started on Feb 6th, 2006

We Improve Your Business

You know the plot. A bunch of 20 somethings who team up together to create an app that takes the world by storm! But that's not the story of BillingBridge, the financial reporting, and data management app developed by BillingParadise. The healthcare industry is in the throes of major change. In an uncertain landscape data visualization, is key. The systematic collection and assimilation of data throughout the organization is vital to set benchmarks, perform scenario testing and be ready for the future. And BillingParadise wanted to simplify data management and financial reporting for physicians. Because, if it is, not simple, it's, not, worth creating…

Amazing Reports

Super simple, intuitive reports that are just what you always wanted! Real-time, accurate reports at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

theBillingBridge can be integrated with…

Our iPhone application can be integrated with several major EMR/EHR systems. Here is a partial list…


Everybody who's worked with theBillingBridge loves the app! A few rave reviews from users.

It was a huge challenge to track financial metrics. We couldn't afford expensive softwares. theBillingBridge has been of great help and is so very user-friendly

Elen Gratiz, Practice Manager, LA

I use an iPhone like most doctors and always wanted an application that could help me view billing information through my phone. theBillingBridge has made it possible. I love the fact that it offers live reports. Nice app

.- Aaron Powell, Practice Administrator, CA

theBillingBridge is simple, easily navigable and offers live billing updates. It is a very smart application that covers pretty much all the financial information a healthcare organization requires

Crea Jones, CFO, Santa Barbara

My first thought when I came to know about theBillingBridge was not another iOS app! But after using it, I've found it to be incredibly useful. It offers a huge range of reports. I can pull out information on the go which is another great plus

Emma Lancaster, Medical practice manager, CA