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Here are a few questions that you'd have wanted to ask us. And as usual we knew! Do you have a question that is not in the FAQ page? Go through our Knowledgebase and get every question answered.

1. Is the app free for only a stipulated time period?

BillingBridge is, and will always remain free. Users of BillingBridge will never have to pay a single dollar towards installation or subscription costs. .

2. How does BillingBridge work?

We love making things simple for our clients. Download and install BillingBridge. You will be prompted to fill out an enquiry form. You will start to receive reports within an hour of filling out your enquiry form.

3. Does BillingBridge offer only monthly reports?

That is one of the key differentiators between BillingBridge and the lesser reporting apps around! Users can set a specific time period to view current reports. From daily reports to annual reports, users can view the information they need.

4. What will my "Quick view dashboard" consist of?

The graphical dashboard of "BillingBridge" consists of details about the number of claims submitted, charges entered, rejection report, insurance collection, patient collection, patient co-payment information, CPT code details, top 10 CPT codes and revenue collection report.

5. Most M health apps don't pay much attention to data security? Can I be sure data won't be compromised?

BillingBridge is the brainchild of the expert technical and revenue management team of BillingParadise and not created by a team of wannabe app developers. Having been in the healthcare field for over 15 years, we understand the need for data security. Our application conforms to all federal, data security and privacy regulations.

6. Where can I download BillingBridge from?

BillingBridge can be downloaded from iTunes at present. We are working on making BillingBridge available on all other major smartphone platforms. You can also click here to download our reporting and analytics application.

7. What is BillingBridge about?

It is a full-featured reporting and healthcare analytics application that enables medical organizations to receive, assimilate and store vital financial data. It allows healthcare institutions to track KPIs, set benchmarks and document the financial information and acts as a financial forecast. The application is developed and maintained by BillingParadise's R&D, revenue management and technical teams.