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theBillingBridge offers features that are smart and cover a lot of ground. It bridges the gap between healthcare professionals and their billing teams.

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Features that can put you on the fast-track towards financial growth and stability, know how theBillingBridge can transform your practice.

Insurance collections

Are you used to collection reports that convey little or nothing? theBillingBridge offers concise insurance collection reports. The collection details of every insurer you work with is included. Negotiate better and more firmly this time around!

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Top CPTs

You must be working with dozens of codes every single day. But still there are just a handful of codes that bring in the dollars. Know what those codes are. theBillingBridge offers a report of your top paying CPT codes.

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Claim submission reports:

How many claims do you submit per day? It is important that you know as it is the first step towards tacking KPIs. Our realtime claim submission reports will enable you to track claim submission details in realtime.

Other smart features include

  • Payment analytics.
  • Patient collections.
  • Ticketing system
  • Query tracker
  • Impact analysis report
  • Appointment scheduling reports
  • KPI tracker
  • Voice messaging feature

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Everybody who's worked with theBillingBridge loves the app! A few rave reviews from users.

It was a huge challenge to track financial metrics. We couldn't afford expensive softwares. theBillingBridge has been of great help and is so very user-friendly

Elen Gratiz, Practice Manager, LA

I use an iPhone like most doctors and always wanted an application that could help me view billing information through my phone. theBillingBridge has made it possible. I love the fact that it offers live reports. Nice app

.- Aaron Powell, Practice Administrator, CA

theBillingBridge is simple, easily navigable and offers live billing updates. It is a very smart application that covers pretty much all the financial information a healthcare organization requires

Crea Jones, CFO, Santa Barbara

My first thought when I came to know about theBillingBridge was not another iOS app! But after using it, I've found it to be incredibly useful. It offers a huge range of reports. I can pull out information on the go which is another great plus

Emma Lancaster, Medical practice manager, CA