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Have you ever wished your medical billing reports would be delivered right into your smart phone?
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Collection Reports

How often have you tried to track billing data and given up half way through? Track reports easily with BillingBridge.
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Query Manager

Your dedicated billing team interacts, sends queries and coordinates with your organization through this.
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your important revenue indicators

Track key revenue indicators such as insurance & patient payments, days in AR etc.., theBillingBridge puts the advantage of realtime billing data in your palms. View your revenue KPIs in a few taps. .
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Medical Billing and Revenue Analytics Features

There are several amazing features that BillingBridge offers. Here are 9 smart features that you'd sure love!

Collection reports

Get realtime collection updates. theBillingBridge offers detailed collection reports at just a single click. Stay in the know!

Impact Analysis

Have a clear picture of how the latest changes in the Medicare fee schedule will impact your reimbursement. Be ahead of the curve.

Revenue Analytics

Get breakdowns of your payment details. Get insurance company and CPT specific payment information. Actionable payment analytics at your fingertips!

Fee Schedule Analyser

Get a clear overview of how much each insurer pays and what are the best insurance companies to work with. Negotiate fee schedules better.

Voice messages

Have no time for emails? Send queries to your billing team through voice messages. Communicate quickly!

Query System

Coordination made easy. Our billing manager will reach out to you regarding missed or incorrect documentation through the query system.

Ticketing Manager

Have a doubt? Raise a ticket to us within the system. Our responsive client support team will get back you to real-quick. Coordinate effortlessly!

Key indicators

Tracking key performance indicators is vital to stay profitable. Manage KPIs, make course corrections and make financial forecasts.

Live claims status

Track the journey of your medical claims. View live claim statuses, the TAT of claims and stay clued in to your entire claims cycle.

Why Choose theBillingBridge?

There are 4 reasons why you should install theBillingBridge


Gain insights into all the important parameters that matter. Get detailed, on-demand revenue analysis reports. Our realtime reporting feature will help you monitor your billing cycle 24/7. Set alerts, benchmarks and deadlines for your medical billing team. Track KPIs and perform data mining, effortlessly. .

Round the clock billing support

We understand the importance of the "human" connection. Connect with our expert revenue management team, anytime you need support. You can chat, call, or mail our billing experts anytime you hit a roadblock or need a clarification. You can also contact us through the "Ticketing" feature of BillingBridge. Send tickets and resolve issues within 48 hours. .

Track KPIs

To create a working plan or devise revenue strategies to meet future demands you need to track KPIs. Following up and tracking reports has never been easier! You can pull out information from any month or year with our smart report tracking feature. Run comparison reports and tighten your workflow with BillingBridge.

Analysis of financial data

Control operational costs, eliminate waste within your organization and work more efficiently with our advanced data analytics feature. Close analysis of financial data is essential to stay above the current. And our efficient revenue data analytics database will enable better decision making and operational efficiency. .

Real Time Reporting

Forget about clunky annual collection reports that offer very little insight. Get access to accurate reports at all times.

24/7 support

It would be great to have a conversation with you. Reach us anytime through our 24/7 BillingBridge support desk.

Reports Tracking

How often have you tried to track billing data and given up half way through? Track reports easily with BillingBridge.

Revenue Analytics

Don’t make guesses! Access, highly analytical, billing, reports. Derive actionable data that can be immediately acted upon.

24/7 EMR Billing Support

Round the clock Billing, EMR/ EHR and Software teams to support you!

24/7/365 Support

Anytime you can, create tickets, submit queries, intiate chats OR dial our number. Our Help desk works 24/7 to handle your issues.

7 Teams

There are 7 teams involved in our Revenue cycle process. All the 7 teams are available at any time to resolve claim bottlenecks.

Software support

Our EMR experts have more than a decade of experience.They will handle your integration needs and clear technical glitches.

EMR/ EHR Integrated Billing and collection reports

A few of the EMR/ EHR systems that can be integrated with theBillingBridge:


Everybody who's worked with theBillingBridge loves the app! A few rave reviews from users.

It was a huge challenge to track financial metrics. We couldn't afford expensive softwares. theBillingBridge has been of great help and is so very user-friendly

Elen Gratiz, Practice Manager, LA

I use an iPhone like most doctors and always wanted an application that could help me view billing information through my phone. theBillingBridge has made it possible. I love the fact that it offers live reports. Nice app

.- Aaron Powell, Practice Administrator, CA

theBillingBridge is simple, easily navigable and offers live billing updates. It is a very smart application that covers pretty much all the financial information a healthcare organization requires

Crea Jones, CFO, Santa Barbara

My first thought when I came to know about theBillingBridge was not another iOS app! But after using it, I've found it to be incredibly useful. It offers a huge range of reports. I can pull out information on the go which is another great plus

Emma Lancaster, Medical practice manager, CA